Services include parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, curbs & gutters. We also include repairs, breakouts, haul off, and saw cut services. 


Parking Lots

(Image: Concrete parking lot, before & after)



(Image: Concrete being poured at Lakewood in Conroe, TX)

Half Concrete Half Asphalt.jpg


We do both Commercial & Residential driveways.

(Image: Half-concrete & half-asphalt driveway)

Road Striping.jpg

Striping (Road & Thermoplastic)

Road Striping, also known as road surface markings, are used to provide guidance and information to drivers and pedestrians. Examples of road striping are: driving lanes, drive throughs and crosswalks. Road striping can also be applied in other facilities used by vehicles to mark parking spaces or designate areas for other uses.

Thermoplastic is a pavement marking material that is made from a mixture of glass beads, pigments, binder, and filler materials. Once the pavement marking material is heated, it becomes liquid and dries until hardened. Thermoplastic Striping is a highly reflective, long-lasting pavement marking material that is resistant to cracking. It can last 3 - 5 years.

(Image: Road striping)



Is your sidewalk in need of a repair? Would you like to create a walkway or concrete path from your house to an outdoor shed? Are you thinking about increasing the square footage of your patio? Laurel Paving can give you recommendations and help you find a solution that best fits your need and budget. Contact us today to get an estimate.

(Image: Concrete sidewalk being poured)



(Image: Decorative sidewalk - before & after)